About Norio


All of us seek to experience and enjoy a life of peace, abundance, joy and health.  Yet for many of us, the experience of being whole and complete continues to elude us, regardless of how “successful” we are.

This lack of fulfillment is caused by our attachment to our identity, or the “self”. I discovered this while driving my 18-wheeler a couple of years ago.  Through no conscious act of my own, I was able to stop thinking for more than two weeks.   I had never meditated or followed any spiritual discipline.

When there was no thinking, my experience of existence completely shifted.  I was completely fulfilled, with absolutely nothing lacking.  For the first time in my life there was a total absence of fear.  I experienced unconditional love for everyone and everything.

Through this experience, I realized that my identity, my “self,” is not real.  It exists only in thinking.  It is this identification with the self that creates all separation and lack.  It is the single source of all human suffering.

I could also see that everyone, no matter how “advanced”, already has everything.  We are already there.  It is only our identification with the self that gets in the way of realizing and living from this place of complete fulfillment.

Are you willing to fulfill all your heart desires?  Even if it means giving up your complete identity?  Please join me for a conversation on the evolution of being human.   I look forward to seeing you!


Throughout his life Norio Kushi followed his passion for wheels:  he bicycled up to 90 miles a day as a child, drove a taxi in Boston, started a bus company in Vermont, and pursued a career driving a big rig throughout North America.  While driving his truck, Norio stopped thinking for more than two weeks.  Through this experience, Norio realized that the “self” we think we are does not exist.  The “self” exists only in our thinking, in our internal dialogue, and is the single source of all human suffering.  By recognizing the illusion of the self, Norio awakened to complete peace and unconditional love, a natural state that is humanity’s true nature.  Norio now shares the insights into the human tapestry into which we’re born and how one may naturally and effortlessly experience our true nature.